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Elena Greendeer

Ho Chunk Traditional Arts
Black River Falls, WI

Elena GreendeerElena is an excellent artist in many traditional Woodland Indian art forms: beadwork on jewelry, moccasins and apparel; quillwork on bags, pouches, and jewelry; leatherwork for moccasins, purses, pouches and dance regalia; appliqué on women’s dresses and bags; and black ash basketry. Elena’s programs begin with an introduction of the craft’s origin, meaning and symbolism and continue with a discussion of the steps required in its creation.

Program Formats

A general presentation

An introductory workshop

An in-depth workshop

A residency

Best for Ages

Upper elementary
Grades 3-5, ages 8-10

Middle school
Grades 6-8, ages 11-13

High school
Grades 9-12, ages 14-18

Adults, ages 18 and up


Artist fee:




Planning fee:

$150 for an involved project


reimbursement for supplies used by participants

Program Needs:
Good lighting, work and/or display tables

No restrictions

Past Venues:

  • The Children's Museum, Appleton 2007
  • Elena has made many presentations at museums, art shows and public schools

Elena Greendeer
W9264 Taintsville Road
Black River Falls, WI  54615

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