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Dennis O'Donnell

“Junque” Farm Sculptures
Frederic, WI


Auction sale: A sale where a person bids on an item they want and the highest bidder gets the item. 
Ball bearings: alls in between to moving machine parts that decrease their friction.
Combine: A power-operated harvesting machine that cuts, threshes, and cleans grain.
Drinking cup: A metal ladle that hangs next to a well that people use to drink water.
Dump rake: An older tool for harvesting hay with metal teeth to gather hay and a lever for dumping hay in a pile.
Extruder: A farm machine that forces or pushes a crop out of the ground.
Harrower: A farm machine that breaks up dirt clods, weeds, etc.
High-class: Superior or better status.
Junque: (sounds like, junk.) Junk.
Moldboard: A curved iron plate attached to machine to lift and turn soil.
Running: On-going, happening for a while.
Sculpture: A 3-demensional work of art.
Stanchion: A device that fits loosely around the next of an animal, so that the animal doesn’t move while a farmer milks or tends to it.
Supplier: A person who obtains or buys goods for another person or company.

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Journal Questions

QuestionLook around your school, home, or neighborhood. Find an example of junque art. What old pieces have been changed into something else?

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Resources For Teachers

Web Resource

The Museum of International Folk Art curated an award-winning exhibition “Recycled Re-Seen: Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap” which explored inventive efforts to take discarded trash and remake it into beautiful or meaningful art. A curriculum kit is available through Crystal Productions.

Web ResourceTry this lesson plan for making junque art  and discussing cultural differences regarding recycling with your class.  It includes lesson objectives, step-by-step instructions, assessments and activities, as well as a “Recycled Art Reflection” worksheet.

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Resources For Students

Web ResourceLook at what kind of junk art these kids made from items in their recycling bin at school!

Web ResourceHere’s another website with junk art made by kids. Check out their online gallery.

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Text written by Jamie Yuenger, edited by Anne Pryor.

Sources consulted include “‘Up North’: Regionalism, Resources and Self-Reliance,” by Ruth Olson in Wisconsin Folk Arts: A Sesquicentennial Celebration. Edited by Robert T. Teske, 1997; and the website: Dennis O’Donnell is the Junque Artist.


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