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Jessie McCullum
Ella Ray
Julia Love Brown
Dorothy Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Tina Springer

Wisconsin Folks

Queens of Harmony

African-American Gospel Music
Milwaukee, WI

queens-1.jpg (15467 bytes)Have you ever heard music that made you want to move? Have you ever heard music that was made with voices and no musical instruments? Have you ever heard music that was filled with emotion? Have you ever heard music that made you "I'm Going On"feel like something inside you had changed? That’s the kind of music that the Queens of Harmony make! Listen to a sample.

The Queens of Harmony sing gospel music. Each of the Queens learned to love gospel music when she was young. Now that they’re adults, they keep their love for the music alive by singing as a group.

Dorothy gave one reason why she sings gospel, “Singing gives you a lot of relief. I mean, sometimes you can be having a really serious problem and you Hmm...can hit a particular song and sing it and you’ll feel better.”

During a weekend, the Queens might sing as often as twice on Saturday night and three times on Sunday. They’re invited to perform in churches, halls, and at other gospel groups’ anniversary concerts all through the Midwest.

The Queens have sung in places as far away as Japan and Washington D.C., but they mostly perform right in their hometown. They’ve sung in so many places around the city that Jessie said, “We’ve been to just about every church in Milwaukee!”

queens9.jpg (14956 bytes)The Queens of Harmony are as happy to sing to a large group as to a small one. Dorothy explained, “Whether it’s a little church, big church, whether it’s one person, two people, three people—we sing the same. We’ll sing just as hard for two people as we will for two thousand. It doesn’t matter.”

Now that’s singing with spirit!

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee County)

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