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Wisconsin Folks
Pat Ehrenberg

Ripon, WI

Pat EhrenbergA little bit of this and a little bit of that…sound like homemade soup? How about a homemade quilt?

Pat Ehrenberg has been making quilts for over 15 years. She loves to tell stories about her quilts and how she makes them, because she knows that quilts are amazing things! They can tell history, provide warmth, link generations, be gifts for special occasions, or make a home beautiful.

Pat first learned to work with cloth as a little girl. She found her love for quilting when she took some classes at a fabric shop in New London, Wisconsin. About eight years ago, she started a quilting guild called the Sew Happy Stitchers. With the help of their community in Ripon, the group made a historical quilt for Wisconsin’s Sesquicentennial in 1998.

The Sew Happy Stitchers asked people in Ripon to make 12-inch square blocks for the quilt. Then members of the community voted for their favorites. The Sew Happy Stitchers took the top 20 blocks and pieced them together with borders and a center piece. Then they quilted it. The finished quilt traveled to Washington D.C. and Madison, WI where lots of people admired it at folklife festivals.

Pat also makes personal quilts, usually for wedding, graduation and Christmas gifts for family. Pat has received quilts as gifts too. Her grandmother gave  her a quilt that hasTalk icon pieces of her grandmother’s own dresses in it. Pat treasures this quilt very much because it’s a link to her beloved Family Tree Anniversary Quilt by Pat Ehrenberg. grandma. Hear Pat describe this quilt she made that illustrates her family history. You can read along by clicking here.

Pat teaches classes in quilting to people of all ages. Pat passes on her technical skills, but also her passion and spirit about her art. As Pat says, “Anybody can learn to quilt!”

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Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

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