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Patrick Farrell

Woodworking & Waterfowling
Green Bay, WI


Ammo box: A wooden box for storing shells. Pat also rests his gun on an ammo box when he’s poling his skiff through a marsh.
Assure: To make certain.
Corrosion: Gradual damage caused by chemicals.
Decoy: An artificial animal used to lure real game into a trap or shooting range.
Document: To trace, record, keep information on.
Marsh: A low wetland with grasses, rushes, cattails and sedges growing there.
Mentor: A trusted guide or teacher.
Plane: A tool used to smooth a wooden surface by shaving thin pieces from it. 
Precise: Exact, accurate.
Push pole: A pole, about 8 feet long, used to push a skiff through a shallow slough or marsh.
Regional heritage: The traditions and culture a person inherits by living in a certain region.
Resin:  A thick clear, yellow, or brown liquid used in compound materials. Natural resins come from plants and are water resistant.
Skiff: A shallow flat-bottomed boat with a pointed bow (front end) and square stern (back end).
Slough: (sounds like, slew) A marsh or backwater.
Superb: The best, the most excellent.
Waterfowling: “Waterfowl” are birds that can swim, such as coots, ducks and geese. “Waterfowling” is hunting those types of birds.

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Journal Questions

QuestionCan you think how Pat’s professional work connects to his recreational work? 

QuestionCan you think of an object or activity that you could document? How could you document it? Could you take photos? Could you write notes?

QuestionHave you learned a skill from an older person in your neighborhood or a family friend?

QuestionHave you ever made something and then used it? What did it feel like to use something that you made? Was it different from using things that you buy in stores?

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Resources For Teachers

Field TripConsider a fieldtrip! The Wisconsin Maritime Museum has several exhibits on Wisconsin boat building traditions. Hunting craft are featured in the “Wisconsin-Built Boat Gallery.”

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Resources For Students

YUM! (Recipes)Pat has a great recipe for Wild Game Chili that he’s been making for over 35 years!

Waterfowl Hunter Education
If you’re 12 years old or older, take a course in Waterfowl Hunter Education from the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association. Contact their office for class schedules at 1-800-524-8460.

Web ResourceOther regions in the United States also have skiff building traditions. Find out about the New Jersey Sea Bright skiff and wooden boat building in Louisiana.

Web ResourceFind out how duck hunters arrange their Duck Decoy Spreads to lure ducks into different water settings. 

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Text written by Jamie Yuenger and Anne Pryor, edited by Anne Pryor.

Sources consulted include video tapes and photos by Pat Farrell, courtesy of Pat Farrell, and field report by Janet C. Gilmore and James P. Leary (8/18/1986) courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan.


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