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Patrick Farrell

Woodworking & Waterfowling
Green Bay, WI

Finished skiff by Pat Farrell. Photo by Pat Farrell.Have you ever worked on a school project for a long time? Did your project have many steps? Did you do the steps in a certain order? Pat decided to do a woodworking project that ended up taking seven months! He built a duck skiff. He wanted others to know how he did it, so he documented the process Hmm... by taking many pictures and videos. On this page, you can look at the pictures he took.

Pat is a master boat builder. He is very precise in his work. Pat picks each strip of wood with care and uses a plane to shape each of them individually. After he attaches all of the strips, he sands over the skiff, paying special attention to rough parts. He does this to assure the boat’s ability to glide easily in water. Pat pastes a special cloth on most of the skiff with resin. This makes the skiff tougher and more protected against corrosion. Pat pays special attention to pushing all the air bubbles out so that the pasted cloth is smooth. 

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Let’s look at some of Pat’s documentation. You’ll see the step-by-step process of a master boat builder constructing a skiff. 

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Patrick Farrell



“A boat builder never throws nothin’ away...he saves all these different patterns. He saves everything.”

– Pat Farrell

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