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Wisconsin Folks
George Ray McCormick

Woodcarving and Metalwork
Milwaukee, WI

Have you ever really liked a piece of art that you made, but other people said it was weird or ugly? That happened to George McCormick. Did he stop creating because of that? No! George knows that art is subjective. He believes that there is no single right way or wrong way to do something. He believes that everyone’s way of expressing ideas is different and fine. 

Photo by Anne PryorGeorge McCormick is an artist from Milwaukee and he uses his creative energy and original artistic eye to make many different types of art. George has made award-winning dolls from carved wood. He carves people and scenes in low-relief wood. He also welds metal sculptures. 

George says, “I don’t do photographic stuff.” That means he doesn’t try to make his art look exactly like the original object or person. Instead, he wants to tell a story and express a feeling. He wants to give a sense of who the person is more than show what they look like. 

What inspires George to make his unique art? You’ll find out if you read on!

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Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

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