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Nodji Van Wychen

Cranberry Farming
Warrens, WI

Let the festivities begin!

Wetherby Cranberries. Photo by Anne Pryor.Sometimes we celebrate with lots and lots of people, most of whom we don’t know. Other times we celebrate with a smaller group, with people we know really well. Nodji gets to celebrate cranberries in both ways.

The village of Warrens celebrates cranberries in a big way! This little berry plays a major role in the lives of many people in Warrens and the surrounding towns. The Warrens Cranberry Festival is held every year at the end of September, just before peak harvest. Cranfest Queen and Princesses. Photo by Anne Pryor.The village of Warrens has only 350 people who live there but during Cranfest, more than 100,000 people come from all around the globe! There are over 1,000 booths of art, crafts, antiques, and lots of food items that all include cranberries! Money from the Cranberry Festival goes to support community projects in Warrens. Nodji played a big role in creating this festival.

There is another celebration of cranberries, but it is much smaller than the Cranberry Festival. The Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association has a Summer Field Day each year. This is a time for all the cranberry farmers, farm crews and their families to get together. About 1,000 people attend to visit, eat cranberry treats and talk about trends in the cranberry business. They talk about lots of ideas that they have for their farms. Nodji believes that this gathering of cranberry growers helps produce a higher quality product from everyone.

HMMM...Both celebrations contribute to the cranberry culture of the Van Wychen family, the town of Warrens, and the state of Wisconsin.

Learn More!

Do you want to learn more about cranberries or just eat some? Make sure to visit the Resources for Students area to find the link for the Warrens Cranberry Festival. It happens each year in late September. If you or your family has a recipe for cranberry stew, cranberry bread or another cranberry including dish, sign up for the recipe contest! 

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Nodji Van Wychen



“We are a small group of growers if you consider the thousands of dairy farmers in our state. What’s also quite remarkable about cranberry growers is that we are all like one large, big family. We know most growers.”

“I think cranberry growing is almost born in your blood.”

– Nodji Van Wychen

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