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Nodji Van Wychen

Cranberry Farming
Warrens, WI


Corral: (sounds like, core-RAL) A confined space for animals.
Innovative: (sounds like, IN-no-vay-tiv) Able to think of new ideas, methods, or devices.
To corral: (sounds like, core-RAL) To gather and hold in a confined space.

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Journal Questions

QuestionIs there any food that your family eats every day at every meal? What is it? Do you like it? 

QuestionFrom what you learned on Nodji's web pages, how can a farmer be an artist?

QuestionHave you ever needed to invent a machine or tool? What did you invent? Tell about it.

QuestionDoes your town celebrate an important product or crop? What is the product or crop? How does your town celebrate it?  Have you ever been a part of the celebration? 

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Resources For Teachers

VideoCranberries: Positively Wisconsin.
Produced by Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association. A fourth grade curriculum unit featuring five 45-minute lessons and a professionally produced, youth focused video. It is designed to foster specific skill learning, while exploring the historic, environmental and economic aspects of cranberry cultivation in Wisconsin. The unit is available to elementary teachers for a cost of $14.95.

To order:
Send a check payable to WSCGA for $14.95 attached to a copy of your school letterhead. (Note: Check must accompany order, they do not accept Purchase Orders.) Provide:

Teacher’s Name
School Mailing Address
City, State, Zip
Daytime Phone #, Including Area Code

Book Resource“Wisconsin Cranberries” Activity Book
An eight-page booklet packed full of facts about the little red berries, puzzles, color-by-number pictures and youth-oriented recipes. Specific pages can be photocopied and used as free-standing activities. Books are available free of charge and postpaid to your school. Please indicate the number desired.

Book ResourceFor more recipes that let you taste Wisconsin cultures, see: Home Cooked Culture: Wisconsin through Recipes. Ed. Terese Allen. Madison: Wisconsin Arts Board, 1998. It is available through the University of Wisconsin Press.

Web ResourceNodji and Jim make cranberry-apple wine! Here is the La Crosse Tribune’s September 2002 article about their wine business.

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Resources For Students

Book ResourceThe Cranberry Book
by Elizabeth Gemming, 1983. 
This is a great book for doing research on cranberries: lots of old machinery photos, history of cranberry cultivation, look at farming in the New England area.

Web ResourceThe official site for the Warrens Cranberry Festival gives the dates and times for all their cranberry events each year. 

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Text written by Jamie Yuenger, edited by Anne Pryor.

Sources consulted include fieldwork with Nodji Van Wychen by Jamie Yuenger (2001) and a taped interview with Michael Kline (1998), with material housed at the Wisconsin Arts Board; and these websites:


Wisconsin Folks

For Educators:

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Nodji Van Wychen



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